Priyanka Chopra panned over reaction on black man George Floyd’s death in US

Panning Priyanka Chopra, this week, Huffington Post has come out with an article saying, “While Chopra and many Bollywood celebrities have spoken up for ‘Black Lives Matter’, they remain eerily quiet about pulling up the government in India.”

Two days ago, Priyanka Chopra described on Instagram, with great precision, how George Floyd was pinned down by white cops in Minneapolis (US) as he gasped for breath and died. Black  lives matter, her post seemed to emphasise, echoing the sentiments of most people with basic empathy across the world,” says the article.

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“Argh-these-influencers-only-talk-about-vacays-and-lippies-and-don’t-care-about-anything-political-oh-heyyyyy-they-do! About ‘Black lives’. For many Indian influencers who are adamantly tightlipped about caste and religious violence in India, ‘Black Lives Matter’ was an bumper giveaway for woke points. Trust me, I agonised over softening this statement for a while, but nope, there’s no perceivable way to sugarcoat this kind of opportunism,” the article adds.

Wonder how Ms Chopra will react. But knowing the way she is, her most befitting answer to this kind of criticism would be to ignore it. And we think she will do just that.

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