Akshay Kumar shoots during Coronavirus crisis

Recently, director R. Balki helmed an advertisement film shoot for a coronavirus social awareness campaign starring Akshay Kumar. It was shot over a few hours at Kamalistan Studio in Mumbai. describing the experience in an interview with the Telegraph, Balki said, “The ad talks about the importance of taking all precautions when the lockdown ends and the responsible way to get back to work. And, interestingly, it marked our getting back to work.”

Balki made it a point to add, “Of course, everyone wore masks and stood at a distance from each other, but the beautiful part of this was that everyone was aware in terms of how we needed to work. Every piece of equipment, from cameras to lapel mics and even the cloth used in make-up, was sanitised. This was besides the basic hygiene practices of having sanitising tunnels, our temperatures taken and social distancing.”

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