Alia Bhatt spreads awareness about COVID-19 vaccines

This Wednesday, Bollywood actress Alia Bhatt announced a five-part series as an attempt to invade authentic information about COVID-19 vaccines in India, in the midst of that “myths and rumours that are exchanged on social media”.
The series is titled as “The Intersection: Vaccinate India”, this is the collaboration between Bhatt’s production house Eternal Sunshine Productions and podcast network Audiomatic.

The 28 years old actress took her twitter account and posted a video where she said,”Even though the vaccines are here, some of us are still hesitant. A great deal of this hesitancy is due to misinformation, myths and rumours that are exchanged on social media and other messaging platforms.”

She added, “The series is an effort to learn more about the vaccines through reliable sources and make the most informed choice about getting vaccinated”.

“The Intersection” debuted this Thursday. We will get to see a lot of renowned doctors and health activists, they’ll share the data and facts and figures about COVID-19.

Alia Bhatt further added,”I hope this series will help address some of your concerns around the vaccines.”

The first video of the series will be released in a podcast and video format.

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