Samarpan Singh continues to pique interest with love v/s lockdown web series LuvDown

When debutant actor Samarpan Singh made a mark with his performance of the quirky lead character of Bunny in the love v/s lockdown web series LuvDown, many were busy dealing with the nitty-gritties of the harsh situations of the pandemic. But as the junta and acting fraternity settles in normality, Samarpan’s cool dude presence and acting abilities have again come to the fore.

The LuvDown series, watched with appreciation and anxiety by viewers during its initial run on Disney+ Hotstar, is now getting a fresh lease on YouTube, with viewers able to sit back and enjoy the sarcastic humour of the rom-com with a nostalgic smile.

Samarpan says he is grateful for the renewed attention he and the series is getting. “It’s been an overwhelming experience,” remarks the actor. “First, we had to face untested challenges by shooting the series in the times of the pandemic, when everyone was scared and skeptical. And now, with a fresh round of enthusiasm about it, it feels surreal. I never thought I’d get such attention with just one project,” he adds.

Featuring Samarpan Singh with Amrit Kaur Dhillon as his love interest, LuvDown has seven episodes written and directed by Sritama Dutta. They are produced by Onkarjit Singh, Gurjit Singh and Aditya Bharadwaj, and presented by Y Star Cine & Television Pvt Ltd.

LuvDown revolves around the relationship of a long-distance couple who has lived apart for eight months, but suddenly finds itself under the same roof due to the lockdown. The story starts with the bubbly Jaan (Amrit Kaur) visiting Punjab for work in early March 2020. Unknown to the pandemic outbreak that would follow, Bunny (Samarpan) calls over Jaan to spend their long-due quality time. But just as they engage in some happy times, the Prime Minister announces a 21-day lockdown! Now, what seemed like a bed of roses to the couple, suddenly has the potential trappings of a nightmare.

After the success of the series, Samarpan is looking forward to more acting assignments. The actor has been signed up for a Hindi film as well as a music video to hit the market soon. It would be interesting to watch where the tide takes this new talent on the block.

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