Devoleena Bhattacharjee accuses Divya Bhatnagar’s husband of abusing her

Devoleena Bhattacharjee is broken due to the disheartening demise of her good friend Divya Bhatnagar. Even though Divya succumbed to death by losing the battle to Covid-19, in a new video that Devoleena has posted she blamed Divya’s husband Gagan Gabru for mentally abusing and beating Divya which drove her to fall prey to the infection and lose her life.

In the video, Devoleena said, “I am making this video for my closest friend, family, and sister – Divya Bhatnagar. She had just started her life independently and had decided not to fall into anyone’s trap. I personally feel that God couldn’t see her suffering either could uncle (Divya’s dad who is no more). In the past so many years, I have never seen Divya doing wrong or hurting others but it’s others who have taken advantage of her (cries). Especially the relationships she has been in. All girls do this after getting into wrong relationships, they take support from men without knowing about their background.”

Devoleena added, “Divya was innocent and I used to make her understand. She was more emotional than I was. I am making this video for the one who made Divya suffer so much. I know she died of Covid-19 but she went through mental stress and was physically abused. Anyone who goes through such tumultuous times can hardly survive any sickness, forget about Covid-19.”

She then called out Divya’s husband Gagan Gabru. She pointed out that he had recently posted that his mother and brother were against his relationship with Divya and didn’t want to get married to her. She said, “What’s your aukaat? Whoever you know here, it’s because of Divya. You begged Divya to come here. I was standing against you with her family. I didn’t speak to Divya for four years because of you. You honey-trapped her and she didn’t listen to anyone. Tu publicity dega? Ab tujhe mein publicity dungi.”

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