I have raw talent like Meryl Streep: Kangana Ranaut

Bollywood actor Kangana Ranaut cannot stop boasting about her ‘acting’ skills on social media. Netizens went into a frenzy when the 33-year-old Queen actor compared herself to Meryl Streep, Gal Gadot and Tom Cruise on Twitter.

Sharing stills from her upcoming projects Thalaivi and Dhaakad, Kangana wrote, “Massive transformation alert, The kind of range I display as a performer no other actress on this globe has that right now, I have raw talent like Meryl Streep for layered character depictions but I can also do skilled action and glamour like Gal Gadot #Thalaivi #Dhaakad.”

After receiving backlash from various Twitter users, the ‘arrogant’ star further wrote, “I am open for debate if anyone can show me more range and brilliance of craft than me by any other actress on this planet I promise to give up my arrogance, until then I can surely afford the luxury of pride #Thalaivi #Dhaakad”

The netizens couldn’t stop trolling the Tanu weds Manu actor after this. As a response to the trollers, Kangana further wrote from her official Twitter handle, “Anyone who is asking how many oscars I have can also ask how many national or Padma awards Meryl Streep has, answer is none, come out of your slave mentality. High time you all find some self respect and self worth.”

Completing around sixteen years in the Bollywood industry Kangana has portrayed a huge range of roles and have also won several awards for her portrayals. It’s ironical to see her compare herself with other celebrities in this manner. Acting being a creative profession should not involve comparison which could be best learnt from Brené Brown’s quote “Comparison kills creativity.”

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