Katrina Kaif defends her towel fight scene in Tiger 3

Bollywood actress Katrina Kaif is featured as the first female spy in YRF SPY Universe and is once again taking on challenging action sequences in the film Tiger 3.

One particular scene from Tiger 3, in which Katrina’s character engages in a physical altercation in a Turkish hammam, has gained popularity on the internet. Katrina appreciates the film’s portrayal of a woman’s ability to perform heroically in action scenes.

She expressed her enthusiasm for participating in daring and groundbreaking action sequences on screen. The Tiger franchise has consistently provided her with opportunities to elevate the level of female action heroes. She enjoys embodying the life of a super spy through her character, Zoya, who is a formidable fighter. Zoya can hold her own against anyone, much like the male protagonist, Tiger, making it a novel and exciting experience for both her and the audience, as they witness a woman who can fight on par with a man.

Katrina also acknowledged the widespread attention the towel fight sequence at the Hammam in Tiger 3 has garnered. She described the sequence as incredibly challenging to shoot due to the intense hand-to-hand combat in a steamy Hammam room. The scene involved gripping, parrying, and landing punches and kicks, which presented formidable challenges. She commended Aditya Chopra for conceiving this innovative scene, highlighting that a similar fight sequence featuring two women had not been seen on Indian screens before. Katrina praised the meticulous execution by director Maneesh Sharma and the action team, emphasizing the team effort that the audience has embraced. The scene showcases Zoya pitted against a formidable opponent portrayed by Michelle Lee, promising an intense, aggressive, and brutal experience that will leave viewers astounded. In her opinion, it is one of the most outstanding action sequences featuring women on screen and she eagerly anticipates the audience’s reaction when they witness the full action set piece in theaters.

Katrina reprises her role as the super spy Zoya in Tiger 3 and stars alongside Salman Khan, known as Tiger in the film. Produced by Aditya Chopra and directed by Maneesh Sharma, Tiger 3 is scheduled for release on Diwali, Sunday, November 12, in Hindi, Tamil, and Telugu.

Since her ex, Salman Khan, desperately needs a solo hit after multiple flops in the last few years, Katrina’s towel fight could surely help with some extra eyeballs and tickets. Though we aren’t sure how a certain Vicky would be feeling about such desperation for attention.

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